Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rural Tourism-Mariposas del Pacuare

Recently, we visited our friends at Mariposas del Pacuare in El Tigre near the Pacuare river.

First let us introduce you to them!

Mario Achoy created this magical place starting 3 years ago with the help from Rafael Gallo and Rios Tropicales, since 2009 he has been working on his lush garden!

This family project started with the purchase of the land and the slow shaping of the tropical gardens into the paradise we find today.

Mario Achoy’s passion for butterflies is obvious as he explains to guests the importance of their life cycle and their importance in the earth’s life cycle. The care he has for the butterfly houses (completely clean screens and flowering plants!) emphasize the importance of the project to the Achoy family.

Mario has carefully selected the plants that we can find in their gardens, Sangrillo trees for the

production of the Morpho butterfly, various flowering plants such as verbaine, labios de novia, lantana and cecropia trees for the toucans!

The main area of the garden has a great lookout platform for spotting the exotic morphos.

The lunch that they serve is amazing, the cook is from the local area & makes a delicious costarrican lunch served fresh cold fruit juice, a great meal!

This little butterfly garden is a family project and guests feel a part of it when they visit.

When you enter the garden rolls up hills to their rancho / restaurant.

Here after the tour the guests can receive lunch and coffee all while overlooking the endless amount of tropical rainforest around the Pacuare river.

The sound of singing birds and insects makes for a peaceful afternoon.

Thank you to Mario for the wonderful visit and we hope that more people visit this special garden.

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